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Welcome to my skincare blog. Looking good is a important element in of our lives. We want to look good and fresh. In this skin care blog I will be covering the biggest skin problems we face these days, such as dark circles under eyes and acne.

I will be covering causes, remedies (including home remedies), treatments and also the best creams you can use. You will find all the information you need to overcome your skin problem. Not finding the information you are looking for? Try the search bar or send me a message.

Who is Patrizio Dole

I started working as a makeup artist. In 2001 I opened a beauty salon in The Netherlands where I treat my clients for different skin care problems. I decided to put my experience on ‘paper’ with this skin care blog.

On this blog I will be posting causes and remedies for different skin care problems. Also will I be reviewing different creams for these skin problems.

If you have any suggestions for my skin care blog, leave a comment or write me a message. You can also visit my Facebook Page or my Google + page.


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